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The Most Interesting Thing in Tech

daily·3½ mins


Nicholas Thompson, CEO at The Atlantic, discusses the important tech issue of the day.

Episodes (67)

What happens when AI-generated text fills up the internet?

May 12, 9 PM·2½ mins

How large companies are using internal data from their employees to help them manage their careers

May 12, 12 AM·4 mins

Are China's new algorithm regulations having an effect?

May 10, 2 AM·2½ mins

A future without written passwords

May 5, 8 PM·2 mins

The new class of devices that can help us expand our sensory perception of the world

May 3, 10 PM·3½ mins

The possible ways the Elon/Twitter deal could fall apart

Apr 27, 6 PM·4 mins

Elon Musk buys Twitter. What’s next?

Apr 25, 9 PM·4 mins

The increasing threat of a Russian cyber attack

Apr 22, 5 PM·4 mins

Would Twitter be more valuable if it split in two?

Apr 19, 10 PM·4 mins

Thinking of robots as animals

Apr 11, 8 PM·2½ mins

Elon now owns 9% of Twitter. Will it work out?

Apr 4, 11 PM·4 mins

A clash between privacy and competition in messaging services

Mar 29, 10 PM·3½ mins

How big tech companies are dealing with Russia's new censorship

Mar 28, 11 PM·3 mins

What happens to the Russian tech sector now?

Mar 23, 11 PM·3½ mins

Open source intelligence is changing our understanding of the war in Ukraine

Mar 4, 10 PM·3 mins

How tech companies are getting involved with the war in Ukraine. (And should social platforms cut off all access in Russia?)

Mar 3, 12 AM·5 mins

The war in Ukraine: implications for the International Space Station

Mar 1, 12 AM·2½ mins

The Russian invasion of Ukraine: hacking, social media warfare, and cryptocurrency

Feb 28, 5 PM·2 mins

A frightening hoax at my kids’ school that holds lessons for how we protect kids online

Feb 10, 11 PM·3½ mins

A crazy day at Facebook

Feb 4, 12 AM·5 mins

Right to repair

Feb 2, 12 AM·3 mins


Feb 1, 12 AM·4 mins

The battle between Spotify, Joe Rogan, and Neil Young

Jan 28, 12 AM·5 mins

The future of autonomous warfare

Jan 27, 12 AM·3½ mins

Meta is building the world's largest super computer

Jan 25, 4 AM·3½ mins

NFTs as Twitter profiles

Jan 24, 1 AM·4 mins

Tech and automation's role in the widening wage gap

Jan 13, 4 AM·4 mins

Why did Covid exposure notification apps fail?

Jan 10, 4 AM·4 mins

CrowdTangle, Facebook, and algorithmic transparency

Jan 4, 7 PM·3½ mins

Russia, Ukraine, and potential cyber retaliation

Dec 16, 7 AM·2 mins

Apple's Secret Deal in China

Dec 9, 5 PM·2½ mins

Are Bluetooth headphones secure?

Dec 7, 4 PM·3 mins


Dec 6, 3 AM·3 mins

The Omicron Variant

Dec 3, 2 AM·2½ mins

Big changes at Twitter

Nov 30, 4 AM·5 mins

Why does half of all the voice traffic on Facebook Messenger come from Cambodia?

Nov 23, 9 PM·3 mins

The debate about working from home is getting ever more interesting and ever more complicated

Nov 23, 3 AM·5 mins

The auction for the US Constitution is over

Nov 22, 4 AM·2½ mins

What we’ve learned about Apple's self-driving car

Nov 19, 12 AM·3 mins

A digital auction of an original copy of the US Constitution

Nov 18, 3 AM·3½ mins

The Metaverse: AR or VR?

Nov 10, 12 AM·3 mins

Congress just passed a huge infrastructure bill, and it has two big things that matter for the future of tech.

Nov 8, 10 PM·3 mins

Secure email is becoming more sophisticated

Nov 5, 2 PM·2½ mins

The future of Facial Recognition Technology

Nov 4, 5 PM·2 mins

Magic Leap

Nov 3, 3 AM·3 mins

The FDA has granted emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine for children age 5-11

Oct 27, 10 PM·3½ mins

The Facebook Papers

Oct 26, 11 PM·4 mins

Facebook is likely going to change its name

Oct 20, 10 PM·3½ mins

Robot Umpires in Baseball

Oct 19, 10 PM·4 mins

Charging ports(!)

Oct 19, 12 AM·3 mins

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