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The Heretic

weekly·2 mins


Insights into leadership in exponential times by Pascal Finette. For entrepreneurs, corporate irritants and change makers. Raw, unfiltered and opinionated.

Episodes (61)

How to Combat “Squirrel Brain”

May 11, 9 PM·4 mins

The Right Time Is Right Now

May 2, 8 PM·2 mins

How To Be (More) Creative

Apr 21, 9 PM·2½ mins

Persistence Is A Startups Superpower

Apr 15, 12 AM·2 mins

How To Make Your Own Luck

Apr 6, 4 PM·2½ mins

The Three Question Journey to Sustained Growth

Apr 1, 1 AM·2½ mins

Solve Gnarly Problems

Mar 24, 2 PM·2½ mins

Follow Me Home

Mar 18, 9 PM·3 mins

I Have Questions

Mar 9, 8 PM·2 mins

Obvious is Better

Feb 17, 1 PM·2½ mins

Imagining a Better Future (With Kraftwerk)

Feb 10, 1 AM·2½ mins

How Do I Begin?

Feb 3, 9 PM·1½ mins

The 60/20/20 Rule for the Future (And Running Your Business)

Jan 27, 6 PM·3 mins

Thinking About “Thinking Outside of the Box”

Jan 20, 4 PM·1½ mins

Leading Into and in the Unknown

Jan 13, 11 PM·2 mins

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

Jan 3, 8 PM·1½ mins

First Lesson of Marketing: Saddles versus Horseback Riding

Dec 14, 1 PM·2 mins

Sometimes You Just Need To Be Okay With Yourself and the World

Dec 8, 11 PM·2 mins

Possibly the Most Important Skill of the Future – Neugier

Nov 19, 7 PM·2 mins

The Weird World of COVID-19

Nov 16, 2 PM·2 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 11 — Encore

Nov 9, 2 PM·2 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 10 — Start Now

Nov 4, 6 PM·2 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 9 — Think Big and Build What Matters

Nov 2, 2 PM·2½ mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 8 — Ignorant

Oct 28, 1 PM·2½ mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 7 — Resilient

Oct 26, 4 PM·3 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 6 — Smarter

Oct 21, 1 PM·3 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 5 — Networked

Oct 19, 1 PM·3 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 4 — Focused

Oct 15, 9 PM·3 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 3 — Louder

Oct 11, 10 PM·2½ mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 2 — Faster

Oct 7, 2 PM·2 mins

Ten Things I Learned: No 1 — Better

Oct 4, 5 PM·3 mins

The Doner Kebab Test

Sep 27, 9 PM·2 mins

Be Careful What You Wish For

Sep 23, 7 PM·2 mins

Doing A Job

Sep 20, 5 PM·2 mins

Common Sense

Sep 16, 4 PM·1 min

The One Thing

Sep 13, 3 PM·1½ mins

Disruption is a State Change

Sep 9, 6 PM·2½ mins

The Hardest Part of Doing Anything Is…

Sep 2, 11 PM·1½ mins


Aug 30, 6 PM·1 min

On Success and Failure

Aug 26, 2 PM·2 mins

Listen. Truly Listen.

Aug 23, 6 PM·1½ mins

Smaller And Smaller

Aug 19, 10 PM·2½ mins

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Aug 16, 5 PM·2 mins

Time to Rewrite The Story

Aug 12, 3 PM·1 min

Beachballs and Icebergs

Aug 9, 10 PM·2 mins

Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention to

Aug 6, 5 PM·1½ mins

Understanding Generations

Aug 2, 3 PM·2 mins

Power Ten

Jul 30, 10 PM·2 mins

What You Can Learn From Story

Jul 26, 6 PM·2 mins

Do You Really Want A Pet Tiger?

Jul 22, 8 PM·2 mins

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