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The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

daily·2½ mins


Author and ghostwriter Kent Sanders brings you a short lesson on writing inspired by some of history's greatest artists, authors, and thinkers.

Episodes (255)

It’s Never Just Another Day

May 16, 6 AM·1½ mins

Lost in Your Own Fantasy

May 15, 6 AM·3 mins

For the Love of Readers

May 13, 6 AM·2 mins

What Comes Easy to You?

May 12, 6 AM·2 mins

Angels Are in the Details

May 11, 6 AM·2 mins

Playing It Safe is Not Safe

May 10, 6 AM·2½ mins

You Are Not the Hero

May 9, 6 AM·1½ mins

How Do You Want Your Book to Serve Readers?

May 6, 6 AM·2 mins

Too Busy to Listen to the Critics

May 5, 6 AM·2 mins

Marketing is All About People

May 4, 6 AM·2 mins

The Introverted Writer’s Dilemma

May 2, 6 AM·2½ mins

Fundamentally Trustworthy

Apr 29, 6 AM·3 mins

How to Instantly Multiply Your Ideas

Apr 28, 6 AM·3 mins

Be a Person of Value

Apr 27, 6 AM·3 mins

Are You Listening to Your Life?

Apr 26, 6 AM·2½ mins

Make Your Own Luck

Apr 25, 6 AM·0 secs

Whose Advice Are You Taking?

Apr 24, 6 AM·2 mins

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

Apr 21, 6 AM·7 mins

Successful by Association

Apr 20, 6 AM·4 mins

How Can You Help?

Apr 19, 6 AM·3½ mins

What Do You Offer That is Unique?

Apr 18, 6 AM·6 mins

What Can You Learn from a Successful Writer?

Apr 17, 6 AM·3½ mins

Ask What, Not Why

Apr 15, 6 AM·3 mins

Their Success Doesn't Mean Your Failure

Apr 14, 6 AM·3½ mins

Create Your Own Podcast

Apr 13, 6 AM·4 mins

Be a Podcast Guest

Apr 12, 6 AM·4 mins

New Book Release: 18 Words to Live By

Apr 11, 6 AM·3 mins

The Room Where It Happens

Apr 11, 6 AM·2 mins

The Power of a Personalized Video

Apr 9, 2 AM·3½ mins

The Power of a Handwritten Note

Apr 8, 6 AM·3½ mins

5 Ways to Support Other Writers

Apr 7, 6 AM·3½ mins

An Easy Way to Reduce Friction

Apr 6, 6 AM·2 mins

How Writing Actually Gets Done

Apr 5, 6 AM·2½ mins

It Can’t Be Done… or Can It?

Apr 4, 6 AM·2 mins

The Middle 50%

Apr 3, 6 AM·3½ mins

Your Book Cover Keeps the Vision Clear

Apr 1, 6 AM·2½ mins

One Block at a Time

Mar 31, 6 AM·3 mins

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Mar 30, 6 AM·2½ mins

The Pebble in Your Shoe

Mar 29, 6 AM·2 mins

Are You Grateful for Your Critics?

Mar 28, 6 AM·2 mins

It Only Takes One Match to Burn a Bridge Down

Mar 27, 6 AM·3½ mins

Stop and Check in With Yourself

Mar 25, 6 AM·3 mins

You’re Being Prepared for Something Great

Mar 24, 6 AM·2½ mins

You Don’t Need a Gatekeeper

Mar 23, 6 AM·2 mins

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day

Mar 22, 6 AM·3½ mins

The Seed of Truth

Mar 21, 6 AM·2½ mins

Keep a Lid on It

Mar 20, 6 AM·2½ mins

What You Really Wanted to Say

Mar 18, 6 AM·2 mins

It All Goes Back in the Box

Mar 17, 6 AM·3 mins

What's Luck Got to Do With It?

Mar 16, 6 AM·2 mins

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