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The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma

daily·3 mins


Receive the mental models, daily routines, and productivity tactics that Robin Sharma has taught to the titans of industry, sports superstars, and elite performers who he has served as a private mentor to for over 25 years. You'll learn how to live a truly world-class life while you accelerate your productivity, grow your leadership, build your business, and scale your impact on the world.

Episodes (250)

Rituals + Routines to Build Your Warrior Character

May 16, 1 PM·4 mins

Pessimists Are Self-Faithfulness Mentors

May 12, 1 PM·4 mins

World-Class Clarity of Thought Precedes Mastery

May 11, 1 PM·2½ mins

The Advancement VS. Retirement Mentality

May 10, 1 PM·6 mins

Armour-Plate Your Energy [for a Legendary Life]

May 9, 12 PM·4 mins

Trust the Intelligent Orchestration to the Unfolding of Your Life

May 5, 1 PM·5 mins

It's Wiser to Handcraft One Masterwork Than Release 1000 Mediocrities

May 4, 1 PM·6 mins

Criticism is the Price Brave People Pay to Arrive at Iconic

May 3, 1 PM·3½ mins

The Starter's Activation Declaration

May 2, 1 PM·3 mins

The Rewards of Success Never Flow to Those Unwilling to Pay the Price of Success

Apr 29, 1 PM·2½ mins

The Doorway to World-Class Success Swings Inward

Apr 28, 1 PM·3½ mins

Do This for Daily Greatness

Apr 27, 1 PM·4 mins

Ideas Are Worthless [Without Execution]

Apr 26, 4 PM·2½ mins

Understand the Real Work Vs. Fake Work Distinction

Apr 25, 6 AM·4 mins

One Way to Hardwire in Your Hope + Positivity in Difficult Times

Apr 22, 12 PM·6 mins

The Path to Greatness is a Messy Sport

Apr 21, 12 PM·4 mins

A Protocol to Become Fully Human

Apr 20, 12 PM·3½ mins

Fortune Favors the Contrarians

Apr 19, 12 PM·3½ mins

Connect With Your Mortality to Lead Your Highest Life

Apr 18, 12 PM·3½ mins

Perception Determines Your Performance

Apr 15, 12 PM·6 mins

Leadership is a Lonely Sport

Apr 14, 12 PM·2 mins

Implement This Daily Practice to Recode Your Self-Identity

Apr 13, 12 PM·3 mins

Legendary Leaders Are Professional Resters

Apr 12, 1 PM·3 mins

Value Growth Over Comfort [to Assert Your Greatness]

Apr 11, 12 PM·3½ mins

How True Luminaries [Sports Superstars, Visionaries, and Titans of Industry] Get Dreams Done

Apr 8, 2 PM·7 mins

Let Go of the Past [Forever]

Apr 7, 2 PM·5 mins

Patience as an Elite Performance Accelerator?

Apr 6, 2 PM·5 mins

Respect You [Rise Above Social Approval to Self-Approval]

Apr 5, 2 PM·3 mins

Your Calling is Your Craft [and Your Duty is to Uplift]

Apr 4, 2 PM·5 mins

Those Who Can Do [Those Who Can't, Criticize]

Apr 1, 2 PM·3 mins

The Universal Code for Sustained Success

Mar 31, 2 PM·2½ mins

A Simple Yet Uncommon Way to Win

Mar 30, 2 PM·5 mins

Commit to Craft Mastery to Lead Your Field

Mar 29, 2 PM·2½ mins

Leave People Better Than You Found Them

Mar 28, 9 AM·3 mins

One of the Biggest Lessons Life Has Taught Me?

Mar 25, 5 PM·2½ mins

Victims Love Entertainment + Extraordinary Producers Adore Education

Mar 24, 8 AM·3 mins

One Rule to Reclaim Your Highest Glory

Mar 23, 4 PM·2 mins

Keep Moving Forward [KMF]

Mar 22, 4 PM·3 mins

How [Real] Superstars Grow Better Daily

Mar 21, 4 PM·3½ mins

Be Anti-Superficial for Life Victory in 2022

Mar 18, 4 PM·2½ mins

The Hidden Danger of Success?

Mar 17, 4 PM·2½ mins

A Daily Routine to Defeat Digital Diversion

Mar 16, 4 PM·5 mins

The 66-Day Minimum Protocol to Wire New Habits to the Point of Automaticity

Mar 15, 4 PM·2½ mins

Your Day Is Your Life in Miniature

Mar 14, 1 PM·3½ mins

Encode the Practice of Being a Deep Listener + Embrace Raw Vulnerability

Mar 11, 1 PM·6 mins

1 Major Anti-Rule for Higher Possibility

Mar 10, 1 PM·2 mins

Be a Heavyweight in a Culture Gone Ultra-Light

Mar 9, 1 PM·3 mins

An Insight for Peerless Productivity + Leadership

Mar 8, 2 PM·2 mins

Produce Fresh Solutions and Deliver Splendid Value

Mar 7, 1 PM·2½ mins

Restructure Your Self-Identity in 2022 [So You Release Doubt, Weakness and Negativity]

Mar 4, 11 AM·2 mins

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