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The Broccoli Report

weekly·2½ mins


News & Analysis from the Cannabis and Hemp Industries. Expect updates on emerging trends, crackdowns, and shake-ups, plus the up-and-comers that entrepreneurs in cannabis and hemp need to know. The Broccoli Report is written by Lauren Yoshiko, contributing Broccoli editor and co-host of the Broccoli Talk podcast. Subscribe for twice weekly newsletters at broccoli.substack.com.


Episodes (55)

Real Talk: Storing Cannabis Safely

May 12, 3 AM·3 mins

Dissecting the cannabis headlines of the week

May 9, 10 PM·2½ mins

News roundup

May 4, 3 AM·3½ mins

News roundup

May 2, 3 PM·2½ mins

The latest in cannabis and hemp news and culture

Apr 22, 3 AM·3 mins

The Meaning of 4/20 & Cannabis Lore

Apr 19, 11 PM·3 mins

Cannabis news: testing, legislation, and products

Apr 14, 3 AM·2½ mins

Terpene Headsets and perfume tech

Apr 12, 3 AM·2 mins

Cannabis news: product launches and events

Apr 11, 9 PM·2½ mins

Cannabis news, product launches and events of note

Mar 24, 4 AM·2½ mins

Deep dive: The Truth About Women in Weed

Mar 18, 3 AM·2 mins

Cannabis news: Creative events & cultural shifts.

Mar 17, 3 AM·4 mins

Legislative updates and accessory trends of note

Mar 8, 5 AM·3½ mins

The Industry’s Crush on Rosin & Resin: Breaking down the latest concentrate trend.

Feb 24, 3 AM·4 mins

Metaverse dispensaries and equity loopholes: The latest cannabis news of note.

Feb 22, 3 AM·3 mins

Bad News for Mississippi Medical Growers & the NFL’s New Cannabis Study

Feb 16, 3 AM·3½ mins

Love Stoned & 2021 Data Insights

Feb 11, 3 AM·2 mins

A New York Minute with Humble Bloom

Feb 1, 3 AM·2½ mins

Cannabis News Roundup

Jan 28, 3 AM·2 mins

Trends in sex, love and weed

Jan 24, 3 AM·2½ mins

Cannabis News & Product Launches of Note

Jan 21, 3 AM·2½ mins

Class Action Suits Aim for CBD Products

Jan 17, 3 AM·2 mins

Cannabis News & Product Launches of Note

Jan 13, 3 AM·2½ mins

When Regulation Gets In The Way of Equity

Jan 6, 3 AM·2½ mins

Cannabis News & Product Launches of Note

Jan 4, 3 AM·3 mins

Creative Cannabis Product Launches, From Comme des Garcons to Gingerbread GrowHouses

Dec 3, 3 AM·3 mins

Why I Don’t Want a Weed Social App

Dec 2, 3 AM·3½ mins

Strain NFTS, CTV & Menthol Joints: The latest in cannabis business news

Nov 19, 3 AM·2 mins

Broccoli Report is back! A re-Introduction and real talk about license caps & corruption

Nov 17, 3 AM·3 mins

Beverage and edible products reaching new culinary heights

Oct 18, 3 AM·2½ mins

Tumblr’s Cool With Weed & Why Bieber’s Weed Line Won’t Ever debut in Canada

Oct 15, 3 AM·2 mins

Is Interstate Cannabis Commerce Actually a Terrible Idea?

Oct 13, 3 AM·2 mins

The innovative pot product launches on my mind

Sep 24, 3 AM·2½ mins

Is anyone actually buying legal weed?

Sep 22, 3 AM·2 mins

Weed Sightings at NYFW, and more news from around the weed world

Sep 20, 5 AM·2½ mins

Edibles are getting fancy, but they’re also getting pharmaceutical.

Sep 15, 3 AM·2 mins

Delta be damned—Intimate culinary cannabis events are back in full swing

Sep 13, 3 AM·1½ mins

New York’s weed scene wakes up

Sep 10, 3 AM·1½ mins

Experimental Weed Trends Part 2 — The Weirdos

Sep 3, 3 AM·2 mins

Part 1 of a 2-Part Trend Report on Experimental Weed — The Innovators

Sep 2, 4 AM·2 mins

Cannabis is legal in NJ—Except In the Hundreds of Towns That Have Opted Out

Sep 1, 3 AM·1 min

The Retail License Resale Market Heats up, And Gets Messier

Aug 31, 3 AM·1½ mins

Apparently Weed Is Still More Controversial Than Porn

Aug 30, 3 AM·2 mins

Weed is running out of water

Aug 27, 3 AM·1½ mins

The Broccoli Report is Back: Cannabis News Roundup

Aug 26, 3 AM·2 mins

Will weed unionize? A look at industry labor relations

Aug 2, 3 AM·2 mins

“Exotics”: The potentially problematic adjective showing up across the flower category

Jul 30, 3 AM·2½ mins

No, cannabis is definitely not getting federally legalized this year

Jul 29, 3 AM·1½ mins

Farm tours are back, and they aren’t going anywhere

Jul 23, 3 AM·1½ mins

Big Tobacco takes aim at CBD drinks

Jul 21, 3 PM·1½ mins

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