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Skift Daily Briefing

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Your daily insight into the business of travel from the industry’s most trusted authority.

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Tech Giants' Inability to Cut Corp Travel Emissions

May 16, 9 AM·4 mins

Airbnb's Move to Increase Consumer Confidence

May 13, 9 AM·3½ mins

A New Flexibility Key to the Future of Lodging

May 12, 9 AM·4 mins

Hyatt Envisions Luxury Travel Rebound

May 11, 9 AM·4 mins

Miami's International Visitor Boom

May 10, 9 AM·4 mins

IHG's Recovery Dented by China's Covid Curbs

May 9, 9 AM·5 mins

Spirit's Pointed Explanation for Rejecting JetBlue's Offer

May 6, 9 AM·4 mins

Marriott Rides Direct Bookings to a Profit

May 5, 9 AM·4 mins

Hilton Rides Group Bookings to Recovery

May 4, 9 AM·4 mins

Spirit Airlines Rejects JetBlue's Bid to Continue with Frontier Merger

May 3, 9 AM·4 mins

Airbnb Extends Work-From-Home Policy

May 2, 9 AM·3½ mins

Southwest Banks on the Return of Business Travel

Apr 29, 9 AM·4 mins

Google's Outstretched Impact on Travel

Apr 28, 9 AM·4 mins

JetBlue Optimistic About Summer Despite Pilot Shortage

Apr 27, 9 AM·4 mins

Inflation Forces Travelers to Alter Summer Vacations

Apr 26, 9 AM·3½ mins

Hotel Developers Get Creative

Apr 25, 9 AM·4 mins

American Airlines Wants Pre-Departure Covid Tests Dropped

Apr 22, 9 AM·4 mins

Inflation Drives Travelers to Book 2024 Trips

Apr 21, 9 AM·3½ mins

Travel's Inaction Regarding Sustainability

Apr 20, 9 AM·5 mins

U.S. Airfares Now Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

Apr 19, 9 AM·4 mins

Corporations Shun Airbnbs for Business Trips

Apr 18, 9 AM·3½ mins

Americans Continue to Travel Despite Economic Concerns

Apr 15, 9 AM·4 mins

Delta's Premium Travel Boost

Apr 14, 9 AM·3½ mins

Europe's Massive Travel Surge

Apr 13, 9 AM·4 mins

Frontier Is in a Win-Win Situation

Apr 12, 9 AM·3½ mins

Airlines Turn to Trains to Cut Emissions

Apr 11, 9 AM·3½ mins

Pilots Air Their Frustrations

Apr 8, 9 AM·3½ mins

Uber Expands Services in the UK

Apr 7, 9 AM·3 mins

JetBlue Announces Shock Bid for Spirit Airlines

Apr 6, 9 AM·4 mins

Hertz Makes a Big Move Under New CEO

Apr 5, 9 AM·3 mins

Hotels Record Solid Growth Numbers But Face Hurdles

Apr 4, 9 AM·4 mins

KLM Appoints Its First Ever Female CEO

Apr 1, 9 AM·4 mins

Delta Gets a Big Boost From Premium Leisure Travel

Mar 31, 9 AM·3½ mins

Hotel Renovations Sparked by Rise in In-Person Dining

Mar 30, 9 AM·4 mins

Delta Unveils New Premium Travel Product

Mar 29, 9 AM·3½ mins

What Global Nomads Want From Hotels

Mar 28, 9 AM·3½ mins

Accor Explains Why It's Still in Russia

Mar 25, 9 AM·4 mins

Europe Sees Steady Travel Demand but Also War Anxieties

Mar 24, 9 AM·3½ mins

Wyndham Launches Extended-Stay Brand

Mar 23, 9 AM·4 mins

Poland's Tourism Executives Grabble With Uncertainty From Ukraine

Mar 22, 9 AM·3½ mins

UK Lifts All Covid Travel Restrictions

Mar 21, 9 AM·3½ mins

Asia Increasingly Moves to Treat Covid as Endemic

Mar 18, 9 AM·3½ mins

European Hotels Charge More Despite Not Being Full

Mar 17, 9 AM·4 mins

Ukrainian Tourism Executive Demands Action to Combat Russia

Mar 16, 9 AM·3½ mins

Russians Increasingly Flock to Dubai and Maldives

Mar 15, 9 AM·3½ mins

Russia's Travel Retreat Grows

Mar 14, 9 AM·3½ mins

Corporate Travel Agencies' Balancing Act in Russia

Mar 11, 10 AM·4 mins

Hilton, Hyatt and Accor Freeze Development in Russia

Mar 10, 10 AM·3½ mins

United Airlines Faces Higher Oil Prices

Mar 9, 10 AM·4 mins

Airbnb Users Making Ukraine Bookings Get Fooled

Mar 8, 10 AM·3 mins

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