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Daily news about the global podcasting and on-demand audio industry. Curated by James Cridland editor@podnews.net - visit https://podnews.net to get our free newsletter for all the links and more. [Axios0211]

Episodes (270)

The secret of podcast success? Habit

May 16, 11 AM·4 mins

Edison: Rogan is #1 podcast in US

May 13, 7 AM·4 mins

Nielsen: more new listeners than ever

May 12, 8 AM·4 mins

Podcasting's stars are disappearing

May 11, 10 AM·5 mins

Tom Webster joins Sounds Profitable as Partner

May 10, 10 AM·5 mins

The Podcast Academy removes a governor

May 9, 4 AM·6 mins

iHeartMedia - still #1, with more podcast revenue

May 6, 11 AM·3 mins

My Favorite Murder: a new entry at 6 in Podtrac

May 5, 11 AM·5 mins

The UK's podcast winners from the ARIAS

May 4, 10 AM·5 mins

Facebook bins podcasts

May 3, 11 AM·3½ mins

A quarter of all podcast episodes last month were on Anchor

May 2, 11 AM·7 mins

Does repetition build reputation?

Apr 29, 11 AM·4 mins

Unlocking the archive in full: or one day at a time

Apr 28, 10 AM·4 mins

Triton Digital releases inaugural Canada Podcast Report

Apr 27, 10 AM·4 mins

Multitrack Audio Fellowship expands

Apr 25, 8 AM·7 mins

Spotify's Anchor launches video podcasts

Apr 22, 10 AM·7 mins

Why people stop listening to podcasts

Apr 21, 11 AM·7 mins

A multilingual podcast in French and Mandarin

Apr 20, 10 AM·6 mins

Spotify's Greenroom Creator Fund closes, after not paying out

Apr 19, 10 AM·6 mins

Podcast guest booking platforms tested

Apr 18, 6 AM·5 mins

Facebook loses interest

Apr 15, 9 AM·7 mins

A podcast network just for shorter shows

Apr 14, 9 AM·6 mins

Anchor podcast is a 'shameless rip-off'

Apr 12, 10 AM·5 mins

Anchor adds 35 different languages

Apr 11, 9 AM·7 mins

New Board of Governors for The Podcast Academy

Apr 8, 8 AM·6 mins

Say hallå to a new podcast investment company from Sweden

Apr 7, 11 AM·5 mins

Podmachine launches: produce, grow, manage

Apr 5, 8 AM·4 mins

Growth in female podcast listening

Apr 1, 9 AM·3½ mins

Preview Spotify's new podcast discovery tool

Mar 31, 10 AM·4 mins

Exclusive: YouTube's plans for podcasting

Mar 30, 9 AM·4 mins

RØDE gets into headphones

Mar 29, 9 AM·4 mins

A new podcast interface for Spotify?

Mar 28, 12 AM·4 mins

Podnews's report card results revealed

Mar 25, 6 AM·2 mins

Infinite Dial 2022 is released

Mar 24, 6 AM·2½ mins

The Ambies 2022: the winners

Mar 23, 11 AM·4 mins

Apple to add follower numbers

Mar 22, 9 AM·3½ mins

Consolidation in podcasting: happening fast

Mar 21, 2 AM·4 mins

Serial gets a governors award

Mar 18, 10 AM·5 mins

Research says people pay attention to podcast ads

Mar 17, 11 AM·5 mins

Indie podcaster takes show to TV

Mar 16, 11 AM·5 mins

iOS 15.4 release updates Apple Podcasts

Mar 15, 10 AM·5 mins

iVoox sees more growth in 2021

Mar 14, 10 AM·5 mins

Google's new dubbing tool

Mar 11, 11 AM·8 mins

YouTube podcast director to speak at Podcast Movement Evolutions

Mar 10, 11 AM·3½ mins

Amazon turns social audio up to 11

Mar 9, 10 AM·5 mins

Women's podcast listening revealed

Mar 8, 10 AM·5 mins

YouTube and TikTok make moves into podcasting

Mar 7, 11 AM·7 mins

Podcast chapters: who's using them?

Mar 4, 9 AM·5 mins

Twitter could be adding podcasts

Mar 3, 9 AM·4 mins

iHeartRadio adds 'Talk Back' voice comments

Mar 2, 7 AM·3 mins

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