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The mom and dad struggle is real. Here’s your daily parenting tip from the experts at Parents.com and Parents magazine, whether you have a baby, toddler or bigger kid.

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Can 'CoComelon' Cause Tantrums and Speech Delays?

May 16, 10 AM·6 mins

Exercise Has Long-Term Benefits for Kids' Moods, Research Finds

May 13, 10 AM·3 mins

9 Preschool Behaviors That Could Signal a Learning Disability

May 12, 10 AM·5 mins

Parents Say Age 8 Is the Most Difficult to Parent, According to Poll

May 11, 10 AM·2 mins

COVID Toes: What To Know About This Strange Symptom in Kids

May 10, 10 AM·5 mins

5 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Kids At The Dinner Table

May 9, 10 AM·2½ mins

Dad Uses the Phrase 'Me Too' to Stop Arguments With His Kids—and Parents are Loving It

May 6, 10 AM·3½ mins

What Is RIE Parenting?

May 5, 10 AM·5 mins

How to Get Your Child to Talk About Their Day

May 4, 10 AM·2½ mins

6 Ways to Manage Your Child's Anger

May 3, 10 AM·5 mins

What Parents Need To Know About Kids' Emergencies, According to a Mom and Pediatric ER Nurse

May 2, 10 AM·5 mins

Is Your Child Acting Out—or Behaving In an Age-Appropriate Manner?

Apr 29, 10 AM·5 mins

I’m a Dad and a Psychologist: These Are the Signs of Low Self-Worth in Kids and How to Help

Apr 28, 10 AM·4 mins

7 Ways to Instill Manners In Your Child Without Even Trying

Apr 27, 10 AM·5 mins

9 Biggest Discipline Mistakes You're Probably Making

Apr 26, 10 AM·5 mins

Avoid "Freak Outs" and Curb Negative Talk

Apr 25, 10 AM·5 mins

4 Surprising Ways to Raise Well-Behaved Kids

Apr 22, 10 AM·5 mins

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

Apr 21, 10 AM·5 mins

7 One-Liners to Use When Disciplining Kids

Apr 20, 10 AM·3 mins

What Will Life Be Like for Families Until the COVID-19 Pandemic Ends?

Apr 19, 10 AM·5 mins

Defiance or Difference? Understanding What It Means If a Family Member Has Slow Processing Speed

Apr 18, 10 AM·5 mins

8 Ways to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

Apr 15, 10 AM·5 mins

Should Parents Be Concerned About Violent Play?

Apr 14, 10 AM·5 mins

10 Ways to Raise a Respectful Child

Apr 13, 10 AM·5 mins

Why Your Child Picks Their Nose and How to Help Them Stop

Apr 12, 10 AM·4 mins

Signs and Symptoms of Stress in Kids

Apr 11, 10 AM·5 mins

Everything You Need to Know About Dyspraxia

Apr 8, 10 AM·4 mins

7 Pink Flags That Could Signal a Behavioral or Emotional Disorder in Your Child

Apr 7, 10 AM·5 mins

New TikTok 'Orbeez Challenge' Poses Serious Risk to Kids

Apr 6, 10 AM·4 mins

Does Your At-Home COVID Test Contain a Toxic Substance?

Apr 5, 10 AM·5 mins

How to Know If You're Co-Parenting with a Narcissist—And What to Do About It

Apr 4, 10 AM·5 mins

Some Think 'CoComelon' Is Too Stimulating for Kids. Here’s What the Experts Say

Apr 1, 10 AM·5 mins

10 Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 10

Mar 31, 10 AM·6 mins

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship

Mar 30, 10 AM·5 mins

What You Should and Should Not Be Teaching Your Kids About Money

Mar 28, 6 PM·6 mins

4 Small Changes You Can Make Today to Be a Better Parent

Mar 28, 10 AM·6 mins

Is Melatonin Safe for Kids?

Mar 25, 10 AM·5 mins

4 Quirky Kid Behaviors That Actually Have Purpose

Mar 24, 10 AM·6 mins

An Age-By-Age Guide To Your Kid's Hygiene

Mar 23, 10 AM·6 mins

How to See Things From Your Kid's Point of View

Mar 22, 10 AM·5 mins

7 Signs Your Child Should See a Therapist, According to Child Psychologists

Mar 21, 10 AM·6 mins

5 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen

Mar 18, 10 AM·5 mins

What Sex Therapists Want Parents to Know

Mar 17, 10 AM·6 mins

I'm a Mom and a Children's Privacy Lawyer: Here's What I Do and Don't Post About My Kid Online

Mar 16, 10 AM·6 mins

Signs Your Child's Grandparent Is a Narcissist—and What To Do About It

Mar 15, 10 AM·6 mins

6 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Development

Mar 14, 10 AM·6 mins

How to Discipline Your Kids—Without Destroying Their Self Esteem

Mar 11, 11 AM·6 mins

11 Simple Ways to Show Your Child Your Love

Mar 10, 11 AM·6 mins

5 Ways to Play to Your Child's Strengths

Mar 9, 11 AM·5 mins

7 Reasons Why Kids Cry That Aren't Always Easy to Recognize

Mar 8, 11 AM·6 mins

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