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Milo's Animal Facts

daily·30 secs


Milo (age 7) shares a daily animal fact

Episodes (49)

Biggest horns

Episode 1·30 secs

The coconut crab

Episode 2·20 secs

The dragonfly

Episode 3·30 secs

Smallest pets

Episode 4·50 secs

Rescue dogs

Episode 5·40 secs

Pregnant elephants

Episode 6·10 secs

Tallest giraffe

Episode 7·20 secs

Peregrine Falcon

Episode 8·20 secs

Snowy Owl

Episode 9·10 secs

One Blue Whale

Episode 10·20 secs

Rüpples Vulture

Episode 11·20 secs


Episode 12·10 secs

Polar bears

Episode 13·20 secs

Puppies and wolves

Episode 14·30 secs

The Longest Tongue

Episode 15·20 secs


Episode 16·20 secs


Episode 17·30 secs

Deadly Animals

Episode 18·30 secs


Episode 20·50 secs

Minnows and Tadpoles

Episode 21·30 secs

Wolf howl

Episode 22·20 secs

Pet birds

Episode 23·50 secs

Incredible insects

Episode 24·30 secs


Episode 25·50 secs

Coral reefs

Episode 26·30 secs


Episode 27·40 secs


Episode 28·30 secs

Australian Pelican

Episode 29·40 secs

Poisonous facts

Episode 30·50 secs


Episode 31·40 secs

Nocturnal facts

Episode 32·40 secs


Episode 33·30 secs

Loopy Elephants

Episode 34·40 secs

Don’t take a trip to Mummy-land

Episode 35·40 secs


Episode 36·30 secs

Sick Dolphins

Episode 37·20 secs

Sperm Whales Swim How Far?

Episode 38·20 secs

Deadly Fish make Daring Dinners

Episode 39·30 secs

Raccoons 🦝

Episode 40·40 secs

Baby Animals

Episode 41·20 secs


Episode 42·40 secs


Episode 43·20 secs


Episode 44·30 secs


Episode 45·20 secs


Episode 46·30 secs

Spiders 🕷

Episode 47·30 secs

Penguin Poop

Episode 48·20 secs

Bears 2

Episode 49·30 secs

Collective nouns for birds

Episode 50·20 secs

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