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IGN is the ultimate gaming and entertainment resource featuring award-winning coverage of video games, movies, TV shows, comics, tech and more.

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Master Chief Just Lost His Virginity In the Halo TV Series, and Fans Are Divided

May 16, 11 AM·3½ mins

Pokémon Home Will Add Support for Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl Soon

May 13, 11 AM·3 mins

Disney Could Lose Copyright for the Original Mickey Mouse Under US Law Changes

May 12, 11 AM·1½ mins

Percy Jackson Author Defends Casting Decisions on Upcoming Disney Plus Series

May 11, 11 AM·4 mins

Activision Blizzard Is Sending Anti-Union Emails Ahead of Raven Software Vote

May 10, 11 AM·2½ mins

Martin Freeman Opens Up About Making Black Panther 2 Without Chadwick Boseman

May 9, 11 AM·3 mins

Netflix Is Being Sued By Its Own Shareholders Over Subscriber Slump

May 6, 11 AM·4 mins

Hasbro Re-Releasing the Very First Star Wars Toys, Complete With Retro Packaging

May 5, 11 AM·2 mins

Warcraft Arclight Rumble Is Blizzard's Long-Rumored Mobile Game

May 4, 11 AM·2 mins

NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Beams Back Eerie Spacecraft Wreckage From Mars

May 3, 11 AM·2 mins

The Song 'Barbie Girl' Tragically Won't Be in the Upcoming Barbie Movie

May 2, 11 AM·3 mins

We're Very Concerned': Video Game Social Media Professionals React To Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Apr 29, 11 AM·6 mins

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a Free-to-Play Disney Life Sim Adventure, Revealed for PC and Consoles

Apr 28, 11 AM·2½ mins

Sonic Games Are Being Delisted Ahead Of Sonic Origins Release

Apr 27, 11 AM·3 mins

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk Buyout

Apr 26, 11 AM·2½ mins

LEGO Succulents and Orchid Sets Arrive Before Mother's Day

Apr 25, 11 AM·2½ mins

Netflix is Slashing Animation Amid Subscriber Drops

Apr 22, 11 AM·3½ mins

Ghostbusters VR Announced For Meta Quest 2

Apr 21, 11 AM·2 mins

Rockstar Quietly Removes GTA 5 Content Described As Transphobic From New-Gen Releases

Apr 20, 11 AM·2½ mins

Florida Man Watches Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 Times to Reclaim Guinness World Record

Apr 19, 11 AM·3 mins

Club Penguin Rewritten Fan Site Has Been Shut Down by Disney, Three Suspects Arrested

Apr 18, 11 AM·2½ mins

Sonic the Hedgehog Is Getting an Official New Game Inside Roblox

Apr 15, 11 AM·2 mins

Sony and Nintendo Will Change Subscription Renewal Systems Following Investigation

Apr 14, 11 AM·3 mins

Scientist Uses Facial Reconstruction Technology On Skyrim Skeleton

Apr 13, 11 AM·2½ mins

Nic Cage's Reddit AMA Became a Wholesome Internet Moment

Apr 12, 11 AM·3 mins

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Won the Box Office and Had the Best Opening Weekend of Any Video Game Movie

Apr 11, 11 AM·3 mins

Donald Glover's Mr. and Mrs. Smith Finds a New Mrs. Smith

Apr 8, 11 AM·2½ mins

Sonic Movies 'Wouldn't Even Try' To Replace Jim Carrey If He Retires

Apr 7, 11 AM·2½ mins

Stardew Valley Creator's Haunted Chocolatier Will Have Boss Battles

Apr 6, 11 AM·2½ mins

Valve Clarifies When Exactly You Can Finalize Your Steam Deck Order

Apr 5, 11 AM·3 mins

X-Files Needs a 'Whole New Set Of Writers' For Gillian Anderson To Consider Returning

Apr 4, 11 AM·2½ mins

E3 2022 - Digital and Physical - Has Officially Been Canceled

Apr 1, 11 AM·2 mins

Academy Reveals Will Smith Was Asked to Leave After Slap as Disciplinary Action Looms

Mar 31, 11 AM·3 mins

Umbrella Academy: Elliot Page's Character Will Come Out As Transgender In Season 3

Mar 30, 11 AM·2½ mins

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Officiating Her Daughter's Wedding Dressed as a World of Warcraft Character

Mar 28, 11 AM·2 mins

Seven Arrested in Relation to LAPSUS$ Hacks Against Microsoft, Nvidia

Mar 25, 11 AM·2½ mins

Oscar Isaac Gives an Update on Metal Gear Solid Movie: 'We're Searching Like Solid Snake'

Mar 24, 11 AM·2½ mins

Xbox Announces Competition to Win Furry Sonic the Hedgehog Controllers

Mar 23, 11 AM·2 mins

One of the Final Witcher 3 Easter Eggs Has Been Found After Nearly Seven Years

Mar 22, 11 AM·2½ mins

Jim Henson Company's Puppet Wranglers Complain About Unsafe Conditions And Abuse

Mar 21, 11 AM·6 mins

Jumanji is Being Turned Into a Theme Park Ride

Mar 18, 11 AM·2½ mins

Netflix Is Cracking Down On Password Sharing With New Feature Test

Mar 17, 11 AM·2½ mins

Nicolas Cage Wants to Play an 'Absolutely Terrifying' Egghead Against Pattinson's Batman

Mar 16, 11 AM·2 mins

Elden Ring: George R.R. Martin Seemingly Hid His Initials In Plain Sight

Mar 15, 11 AM·3½ mins

EA, Gearbox, and Microsoft Sign Open Letter Opposing Texas' Anti-Trans Bill

Mar 14, 11 AM·3 mins

Super Nintendo World Will Open in the US Next Year

Mar 11, 12 PM·2½ mins

Sony PlayStation Suspends Software and Hardware Sales in Russia

Mar 10, 12 PM·2½ mins

Disney Animators Protest Company's Stance on Controversial Florida Law

Mar 9, 12 PM·4 mins

Zoë Kravitz Says She Was Turned Down for Batman: Dark Knight Rises Due to the Color of Her Skin

Mar 8, 12 PM·2 mins

The Batman's Riddler Website Has Been Updated With a Countdown

Mar 7, 12 PM·2½ mins

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