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The top esports story in 90 seconds by Kevin Correa backed by Esportz Network. Check out our full-length show the Esportz Network Podcast for longer segments, more details, and in-depth interviews.

Episodes (211)

EPL 15 Underway, Riot Games Fundraising For Ukraine

Mar 9, 9 PM·2 mins

Premium Game Currency Valued More Than Russian Ruble, ALGS To Return... But Not For EMEA

Mar 9, 4 AM·2 mins

CDL Major I Winners, Rapper Joins Esports Org, Russians Form New CSGO Roster for EPL15

Mar 7, 9 PM·2½ mins

Further Impact Of Russian Invasion Felt Throughout Esports

Mar 1, 9 PM·2½ mins

IEM Katowice & LCS Superweek Wrapped, LEC Heads Into Final Spring Week, Ukraine Invasion Impacts VCT Teams

Feb 28, 9 PM·2½ mins

Katowice Semis Set, LEC Witnesses Epic Comeback, Anticipating LCS Superweek

Feb 26, 2 AM·2½ mins

Esports Responds To Ukrainian Invasion By Russia

Feb 24, 10 PM·2½ mins

LS Responds To C9 Firing, LCS Roster Update, Starcraft II Active At IEM Katowice

Feb 24, 4 AM·2½ mins

SF6 Announced, R6 Responds To UAE Major Backlash, C9 Releases LoL Head Coach

Feb 23, 5 AM·2½ mins

Six Invitational Coming To An End, IEM Katowice Sees 1st Playoff Qualification, Upset In The LEC

Feb 18, 10 PM·2½ mins

Katowice Adds Another COVID Case, Dota 2 Team Kicks Founder, BLAST Partners With Fortnite

Feb 17, 11 PM·2½ mins

IEM Katowice Groups Wrapped, LCS Moves For TL & TSM, eNASCAR Moves Into College

Feb 16, 9 PM·2½ mins

OWL 2022 Season & Dota 2 ESL Major Details Emerge, Riot Improving College Valorant

Feb 16, 2 AM·3 mins

Weekend Of Matches & More: HCS, R6, CDL, LCS, LEC, VCT NA Recaps!

Feb 15, 2 AM·3 mins

New CoD Incoming, Vitality Out Of R6, Tons Of Games This Weekend!

Feb 11, 10 PM·2 mins

Torrent Joins Halo, Envy Valorant Rebrands To OpTic, Pokemon Unite Championship Series

Feb 10, 10 PM·2½ mins

FaZe Clan Partners W/ NFL For Super Bowl LVI, Microsoft Promises Cross Platform, Commonwealth Games Features Esports

Feb 9, 9 PM·3 mins

Pokimane Sticks With Twitch, R6's SI 2022 Begins, Noble Esports Drama

Feb 8, 9 PM·3 mins

1st VCT Game Changers Of '22, LCS Spring Begins, R6 SI Sees COVID Problem

Feb 8, 1 AM·2½ mins

CDL Stage 1 Begins, LEC Returns To Studio, Riot Unveils NA Championship Queue

Feb 4, 10 PM·2½ mins

BLAST Expands Broadcasts, Switch Breaks Sales Record, Sony Holds Bungie Shares Hostage?

Feb 3, 10 PM·3 mins

EPL LAN For CSGO Returns, Ubisoft Consolidates Esports Divisions, Riot Issues New Valorant Ruling

Feb 3, 12 AM·3 mins

Valorant T1 Faces Scrutiny, Apex Mobile Soft Launch Incoming, Crossfaction Play In WoW

Feb 2, 3 AM·2 mins

Streamers Come & Streamers Go? Sony Acquires Bungie, LCS and BLAST Premier Set To Heat Up

Jan 31, 9 PM·2½ mins

C9 4-0 in HCS Finals, OWL Ops Shifting, LoL & CSGO's Big Weekend

Jan 28, 10 PM·3 mins

Hardware News for Intel/Nvidia, Microsoft Scrutinized In UK, Ubisoft To Shutdown Hyper Scape

Jan 27, 10 PM·2½ mins

ESL-FACEIT Merger Reaction, YT Gaming Loses Execs, TSM Joins DOTA2

Jan 25, 10 PM·3 mins

LCS Lock-In Playoffs, ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs, CDL Kickoff Classic Champs

Jan 24, 10 PM·2½ mins

C9 Dominates HCS Again, CoD Warzone QA Team To Unionize, CDL Partners With Esports Engine

Jan 22, 1 AM·3 mins

Kotick Meets With Acti-Blizz Workers, Sony & Xbox Discuss Future, Rocket League & Grimes Event Incoming!

Jan 20, 10 PM·2½ mins

Acti-Blizz/Microsoft Deal Fallout Hits Sony, Call of Duty Season 2 Delayed

Jan 19, 11 PM·2½ mins

Acti-Blizz Gets Bought, Xbox Game Pass Reaches Milestone, Vtuber Joins New Streamer House

Jan 18, 10 PM·2½ mins

League of Legends Esports Returns, Rise Selling Valorant Squad, Acti-Blizz CEO Under Fire Once More?

Jan 17, 11 PM·2½ mins

LEC Starts '22 Campaign, R6 Esports Moves SI '22, C9 Continues Dominating HCS

Jan 14, 9 PM·2½ mins

Boston CDL Unveiled, Envy Acquires Venue, Valve Responds To DPC Major Backlash

Jan 13, 11 PM·2½ mins

Dota 2 Major Forced To Cancel, More PS4s To Be Produced In '22, We Need Your Help!

Jan 12, 9 PM·2½ mins

TSM Reginald Under Investigation, CDL Updates Community, LG UltraGear x LEC Partner Up!

Jan 11, 9 PM·2½ mins

Take-Two Interactive Makes Historic Acquisition, Riot Takes On Valorant Toxicity, CDL Returning

Jan 10, 9 PM·2½ mins

HCS Pro Series 1 Outcome, Most Watched Twitch Channels Revealed, Esportz Network PSA

Jan 7, 10 PM·3 mins

LEC To Begin Remotely, CoD Cheat Companies Bow Out, CDL/Warzone Changes

Jan 6, 10 PM·2 mins

Riot Brazil Faces COVID Decisions, LCK To Have Live Crowd? Activision Vs Cheaters... Again

Jan 5, 10 PM·2½ mins

Nvidia Announces New GPUs, Steam Breaks Records, Riot Games Announces New Characters

Jan 4, 9 PM·2½ mins

RL Legend Retires, Wild Rift's 1st '22 Tourney Outcome, FaZe Makes Big CS Signing

Jan 3, 11 PM·2½ mins

CDL vs Pros/Personalities, Farewell 2021!

Dec 30, 10 PM·2 mins

New GPUs Incoming? CES 2022 In-Person Problems? Astralis Breaks Up CSGO Team

Dec 29, 10 PM·3 mins

Riot Games Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit, Myth Breaks Up With TSM, Supply Issues Continues For Tech

Dec 28, 10 PM·2½ mins

H3CZ Calls Out CoD Devs, FPX Ex-Champ Retires, Liquid's CSGO Rebuild Begins

Dec 27, 10 PM·2½ mins

Top Viewed Esports Events 2021, EVO Makes New Hire, Happy Holidays from the Esportz Network!

Dec 22, 9 PM·2½ mins

Liquid & Complexity Seeking CS:GO Changes, ESL Announces #GGFORALL

Dec 21, 11 PM·2½ mins

NaVi Dominates 2021, C9 Wins HCS Kickoff, MkLeo Is Ultimates' World Champion

Dec 20, 8 PM·3 mins

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