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Join Mat Smith as he takes you through the day's biggest tech stories, every weekday.

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Apple may be testing USB-C iPhones

May 16, 9 AM·3½ mins

Mark Zuckerberg shows off what Meta's next VR headset can do

May 13, 9 AM·3 mins

Google reveals the $449 Pixel 6a and teases the Pixel 7

May 12, 10 AM·4 mins

The official end of the iPod

May 11, 9 AM·4 mins

Hackers are defacing Russian smart TVs to display anti-war messages

May 10, 9 AM·3½ mins

NVIDIA pays $5.5 million to settle SEC charges over GPU sales to crypto miners

May 9, 9 AM·3 mins

The makers of TurboTax owe customers $141 million

May 6, 9 AM·3½ mins

Wordle brought 'tens of millions' of users to The New York Times

May 5, 9 AM·3½ mins

Apple may have hired a longtime Ford exec for its car project

May 4, 9 AM·4 mins

Meta’s high-end VR headset described as ’a laptop for the face’

May 3, 9 AM·4 mins

Netflix’s plan to win new viewers includes cheaper, ad-supported subscription tiers

Apr 21, 10 AM·4 mins

Samsung made a Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3

Apr 20, 9 AM·4 mins

VW's electric ID.Buzz could make vans cool again

Apr 19, 9 AM·3½ mins

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $43 billion.

Apr 15, 9 AM·3½ mins

Meta may release its first AR glasses in 2024

Apr 14, 9 AM·4 mins

FIFA launches its own soccer streaming service

Apr 13, 9 AM·4 mins

The Biden administration cracks down on 3D-printed 'ghost guns'

Apr 12, 10 AM·3½ mins

Google and iFixit will offer parts to help you repair Pixel phones

Apr 11, 9 AM·3½ mins

Wordle’s Wordlebot will judge your poor word choices

Apr 8, 9 AM·3½ mins

MLB will fight cheating with an electronic pitch-calling system

Apr 7, 9 AM·4 mins

GM and Honda plan to build 'affordable' EVs that arrive in 2027

Apr 6, 9 AM·5 mins

Elon Musk is now Twitter's largest shareholder

Apr 5, 9 AM·3½ mins

Jack Dorsey misses the old internet

Apr 4, 9 AM·3½ mins

GoPro’s new battery grip addresses its cameras’ biggest weakness

Apr 1, 9 AM·3 mins

Here’s why your iPhone auto-updates often arrive late

Mar 31, 9 AM·3½ mins

PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass breaks cover

Mar 30, 9 AM·4 mins

Amazon Games’ chief is leaving the company

Mar 29, 9 AM·3½ mins

The first streaming service to win an Oscar for Best Picture is… not Netflix

Mar 28, 9 AM·3½ mins

Apple may be planning an iPhone hardware subscription service

Mar 25, 10 AM·3½ mins

The PS5 will catch up to Xbox Series X with variable refresh rates

Mar 24, 10 AM·3½ mins

NVIDIA reveals its most powerful robot 'AI brain' yet

Mar 23, 10 AM·3½ mins

Fortnite’s new season ditches building

Mar 22, 10 AM·3½ mins

Telegram was banned in Brazil, then it wasn’t

Mar 21, 10 AM·4 mins

Apple admits there are issues with its new Studio Display's webcam

Mar 18, 11 AM·4 mins

Netflix tests out ways to stop you sharing your login

Mar 17, 9 AM·3½ mins

NFTs are coming to Instagram

Mar 16, 10 AM·3½ mins

Apple’s iOS 15.4 comes with mask-friendly Face ID unlock,

Mar 15, 10 AM·3½ mins

Samsung's next Galaxy phone event is on March 17th

Mar 14, 11 AM·3½ mins

Nintendo’s Super Mario theme park is coming to the US

Mar 11, 11 AM·3½ mins

President Biden tackles cryptocurrency

Mar 10, 10 AM·3½ mins

Apple unveils its most powerful chip yet

Mar 9, 11 AM·3½ mins

Samsung confirms hackers compromised its systems and stole device source code

Mar 8, 11 AM·4 mins

What to expect from Apple's Peek Performance event tomorrow

Mar 7, 11 AM·4 mins

Samsung may be throttling apps to save battery life on Galaxy phones

Mar 4, 10 AM·4 mins

Apple’s March 8th event could mark the return of Apple's cheapest iPhone

Mar 3, 11 AM·3½ mins

Jeep's first all-electric SUV arrives in 2023

Mar 2, 11 AM·3½ mins

Russia withdraws from European spaceport in response to sanctions

Mar 1, 10 AM·2½ mins

Facebook pulls fake accounts boosting Russian disinformation in Ukraine

Feb 28, 10 AM·2½ mins

Twitter restores suspended accounts that tracked Russian military activity in Ukraine

Feb 25, 10 AM·3 mins

Apple adds anti-stalking messaging to AirTags in new iOS beta

Feb 24, 10 AM·3½ mins

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