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Employment Law This Week Podcast

weekly·4 mins


The top developments in employment and labor law and workforce management in a matter of minutes every #WorkforceWednesday. By law firm Epstein Becker Green.

Episodes (39)

#WorkforceWednesday: Crafting Flexible Work Arrangement Policies

May 11, 3 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: NYC Pay Transparency Law, Florida Diversity Training, and Cal/OSHA’s COVID-19 ETS

May 4, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Mental Health Accommodations and Parity in Benefits

Apr 27, 1 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: NLRB Updates, Quick EEO-1 Deadline

Apr 20, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: The Current Environment for Non-Compete Agreements

Apr 13, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: EEOC COVID-19 Charges Surge, NYC's Pay Transparency Law, SCOTUS Considers PAGA

Apr 6, 1 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: EEOC Focused on Caregiver Discrimination

Mar 30, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Independent Contractor Rule Reinstated, OFCCP Targets Pay Equity Audits, OSHA Focuses on Health Care Facilities

Mar 23, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Policies to Help Employees Help Ukraine, Equal Pay Day, FMLA Certification

Mar 16, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: State of the Union, Federal Task Force Report, Biden's SCOTUS Pick

Mar 9, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Congress Passes Act Addressing Mandatory Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Harassment Claims

Mar 2, 3 PM·3 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: CA Whistleblower Retaliation Cases, NYC Pay Transparency Law, Biden's Labor Agenda

Feb 9, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: The Biden NLRB—What to Expect in 2022

Feb 2, 3 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: SCOTUS OSHA Decision Reactions and the Impact of New COVID-19 Benefits on Employers

Jan 26, 3 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Supreme Court Blocks OSHA ETS, Upholds CMS Mandate

Jan 19, 4 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: SCOTUS Considers Federal Vaccine Mandates, CDC Shortens Quarantine Periods, Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”

Jan 12, 3 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Update on Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Rules and NY and NYC Vaccine Mandates

Dec 15, 3 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: OSHA ETS Moves to the Sixth Circuit, Federal Agencies Join to Combat Workplace Retaliation, NY Increases Employee Protections

Nov 24, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: OSHA ETS Coming Soon, OSHA Cracks Down on States, and EEOC Updates Guidance

Nov 3, 3 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Remote Work and Reasonable Accommodations

Oct 27, 3 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: OSHA ETS in Review, Texas Vaccine Mandate Ban, Health Premium Incentives

Oct 20, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Preparing for Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, Mandate Pushback Begins, NLRA’s Reach Expected to Expand

Oct 6, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Vaccine Mandate Requirement, First COVID-19 Remote Work Suit

Sep 22, 3 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Biden Announces Employer Vaccine Mandates

Sep 15, 2 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Biden Touts Employer-Mandated Vaccines, Booster Shot Questions, and EEO-1 Deadline Delayed

Sep 1, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Vaccine Mandates, Mandate Bans, Wage and Hour Nomination Stalls

Aug 18, 1 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: The Future of Non-Compete Agreements

Aug 11, 2 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: COVID-19 Restrictions Tighten, NYC Fair Chance Act, Biden’s Budget

Aug 4, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: How the PRO Act Could Change Employment Law

Jul 28, 1 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Biden Seeks to Boost Competition, HERO Act Guidance, and Key Nominees Advance

Jul 21, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: U.S. Supreme Court Employment Law Decisions in Review

Jul 14, 2 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Mandatory Vaccination, Tipped Worker Rule, and SCOTUS Rules Against Organized Labor

Jun 30, 2 PM·3 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Employers Adjust to New EEOC Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines

Jun 9, 3 PM·5 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: CDC Guidance Fallout and Employment Legislation in Congress

May 26, 2 PM·4 mins

#WorkforceWednesday: Obama-Era Approach, Pro-Union Push, and States Split on Vaccination Policies

May 12, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: COVID-19 Vaccine News

Apr 28, 3 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: OSHA ETS on Hold, Retaliation Claims Increase, “Vaccination Ambassadors”

Apr 14, 2 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: DOL Electronic Notices Guidance, EEO-1 Reporting Delayed, CA COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave

Mar 31, 1 PM·3½ mins

#WorkforceWednesday: The American Rescue Plan, OSHA’s New COVID-19 Directive, and NY Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine PTO

Mar 17, 12 PM·4 mins

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