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Cool Weird Awesome with Brady Carlson

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Three minutes each weekday of cool facts, weird news and awesome discoveries with Brady Carlson. Back us at http://patreon.com/bradycarlson

Episodes (306)

These Smart Glasses Can Describe The World For Blind Wearers

May 16, 6 AM·3 mins

Every Year The Netherlands Sends Thousands Of Tulips To Canada

May 13, 6 AM·3½ mins

R-14, The Submarine That Made It Back To Port Using Blankets As Sails

May 12, 6 AM·3½ mins

James Harrison May Have Been The Best Blood Donor Of All Time

May 11, 6 AM·3 mins

Tomatoes Are Fruit, But The Supreme Court Once Ruled That They’re Vegetables

May 10, 6 AM·3½ mins

Colorful Crosswalks May Be Safer Crosswalks

May 9, 6 AM·3 mins

The Cold War Brought Homework Back To American Students

May 6, 6 AM·3½ mins

A Town In France Could Have Bioluminescent Street Lights

May 5, 6 AM·3½ mins

Molly Williams Was A New York Firefighter Before There Was a New York Fire Department

May 4, 6 AM·3½ mins

Stone Age People Figured Out How To Do A Kind Of Animation

May 3, 6 AM·3½ mins

Two Tennis Greats Played A Match On A Half-Grass, Half-Clay Court

May 2, 6 AM·4 mins

Time Week: What Time Was Like Before Time Zones

Apr 29, 6 AM·3½ mins

Time Week: An Art Project Is Taking Photos Over A Thousand Years

Apr 28, 6 AM·4 mins

Time Week: For A Person Who’s Hiding Something, Time Slows Down

Apr 27, 6 AM·3½ mins

Time Week: How Do Time Zones Work At Earth’s Poles?

Apr 26, 6 AM·3½ mins

Time Week: The Time Samoa Didn’t Have Time For December 30th

Apr 25, 6 AM·3½ mins

Need Clean Drinking Water? Try A Desalination Skylight

Apr 22, 6 AM·3½ mins

The Time Geraldo Rivera Opened Al Capone’s Vault And Found A Whole Lot Of Nothing

Apr 21, 6 AM·3½ mins

During The Cold War, A Town In New Mexico Built An Underground Grade School

Apr 20, 6 AM·4 mins

In 19th Century Rural America, Some People Turned Their Wire Fences Into Phone Lines

Apr 19, 6 AM·3½ mins

Bats Who Randomly End Up Living Together Sometimes Become Friends

Apr 18, 6 AM·3 mins

Rock Fans In The Soviet Union Turned Old X-Ray Plates Into Bootleg LPs

Apr 15, 6 AM·3½ mins

William Mumler, The Photographer Who Had “Spirits” In His Pictures

Apr 14, 6 AM·3½ mins

Every Baseball In A Major League Game Gets Covered In This Special Mud

Apr 13, 6 AM·4 mins

Waiters In Paris Once Went On Strike Over Mustaches (Cool Weird Awesome 753)

Apr 12, 6 AM·4 mins

Candy Land, The Board Game Made For Kids Who Couldn’t Leave The Polio Ward

Apr 11, 6 AM·3½ mins

One Of Aerosmith’s Biggest Hits Happened Partly Because Of A Mel Brooks Movi

Apr 8, 6 AM·3½ mins

In The 60s, There Was A Plan To Make Houses Out Of Heineken Bottles

Apr 7, 6 AM·3½ mins

Mary Patten, 19 Year Old Sea Captain

Apr 6, 6 AM·3½ mins

The Pack Horse Librarians Brought Books To Readers In Remote Places

Apr 5, 6 AM·4 mins

The Loudest Emergency Siren Of All Time Could Even Make It Rain

Apr 4, 6 AM·3½ mins

At The Arkansas State Capitol, They Let Visitors Hold Actual Taxpayer Dollars

Apr 1, 6 AM·3½ mins

The Town In New Mexico That Renamed Itself After A Game Show

Mar 31, 6 AM·3 mins

The Peculiar Reason Chicken, Alaska Got Its Name

Mar 30, 6 AM·3½ mins

The Grandson Of A President From The 1840s Is Alive In The 2020s

Mar 29, 6 AM·3½ mins

A Sprained Ankle Helped Bring Pippi Longstocking To The World

Mar 28, 6 AM·3½ mins

Two Forecasters Figured Out How To Predict Tornadoes, Right Before One Touched Down

Mar 25, 6 AM·3½ mins

Need A Little Pain Relief? Nostalgia Can Help

Mar 24, 6 AM·3½ mins

The HMS Challenger Expedition Showed The World What Ocean Life Was Really Like

Mar 23, 6 AM·4 mins

This Worm-Shaped Pipe-Clearing Robot Could Be The Fatberg Fighter We Need

Mar 22, 6 AM·4 mins

Solar-Powered Cribs Are A Bright Idea To Stop Jaundice

Mar 21, 6 AM·4 mins

This Vole Protects Itself From Predators By Cutting The Grass

Mar 18, 6 AM·3½ mins

Mill Ends Park In Portland Is The World’s Smallest Park

Mar 17, 6 AM·3½ mins

Caroline Herschel Discovered Comets And Became A Star

Mar 16, 6 AM·3½ mins

Chester Greenwood Brought Earmuffs To Cold-Eared People All Over The World

Mar 15, 6 AM·3½ mins

A Chef Got Irritated With A Wealthy Diner And That’s Why We Have Potato Chips

Mar 14, 6 AM·4 mins

An Algorithm Is Opening A Window Into The Many Moods Of Pigs

Mar 11, 7 AM·3½ mins

“The Fastest Cyclist In The World,” Major Taylor, Was A Black Sports Pioneer

Mar 10, 7 AM·4 mins

Lionel Richie Once Went Clothes Shopping For Nelson Mandela

Mar 9, 7 AM·4 mins

Dinosaurs Got Sore Throats And Sniffles, Apparently

Mar 8, 7 AM·3½ mins

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