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Building Jam

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Updates from the team as we build the company and product.


Episodes (85)

The Cold Start Problem

May 13, 4 AM·2½ mins

One reason why diversity matters

May 10, 5 AM·2 mins

Tools for founders

May 3, 3 AM·3½ mins

Why have I been coding? Help!

Apr 27, 6 AM·3 mins

Founder Longevity

Apr 22, 5 AM·2 mins

#keepingItReal DevOps

Apr 19, 5 AM·3½ mins

New Jams about technology and engineering

Apr 6, 4 AM·3 mins

Introducing... sonic branding

Apr 1, 5 AM·3 mins

Ready player two

Mar 30, 1 AM·2½ mins

What technology has changed that enables Jam to be successful?

Mar 25, 5 AM·2½ mins

Writing code is like riding a bike

Mar 15, 1 AM·3 mins

Podcasts, Platforms, and Exclusives

Mar 4, 6 AM·3½ mins

Scaling things that don't scale

Feb 24, 11 PM·2½ mins

Maker's schedule

Feb 22, 1 AM·3 mins

Does Jam compete with podcasts? Or help them?

Feb 16, 5 AM·3½ mins

Are you actually coding?

Feb 14, 6 AM·2½ mins

An (ideal) day in the life of Pete

Feb 10, 5 AM·2½ mins

What does 552266 spell?

Feb 4, 3 AM·2 mins

Jam: Voice Notes via SMS

Feb 2, 4 AM·2 mins

Welcome to the bug reports

Jan 28, 5 AM·1½ mins

The jokes on Jam (a content update)

Jan 20, 6 AM·1½ mins

Gamification and Social Motivation

Jan 18, 7 PM·2 mins

Whither the weather? (A startup parable)

Jan 7, 6 AM·1½ mins

Slowing down to move fast

Dec 16, 10 PM·1½ mins

How should we treat evergreen content?

Dec 8, 5 AM·1½ mins

How do we know it's you?

Dec 1, 11 PM·1½ mins

Holidays, weekends, and Jam delivery

Nov 23, 6 AM·1½ mins

The case of the missing playlist

Nov 18, 5 AM·2 mins

Mea culpa: about those ads

Nov 17, 4 AM·3½ mins

Have you noticed the new lock screen controls?

Nov 11, 3 AM·3 mins

Dual Modality and what it means for Jam

Nov 5, 6 AM·2½ mins

Why we’re using SMS (and its downsides)

Oct 29, 2 AM·3 mins

The first Jams from our Pilot Creator Fund are live!

Oct 25, 11 PM·1½ mins

We invite you to invite your friends!

Oct 15, 5 AM·2 mins

What is linting?

Oct 9, 3 AM·2½ mins

Pride and Product Market Fit

Oct 7, 6 AM·2 mins

Putting the content (and the creators) first

Oct 5, 3 AM·3 mins

The Three Cs: Climate, Cannabis, and Crypto

Sep 29, 3 AM·1½ mins

The Importance of the Web Player: Distribution and Delight

Sep 28, 4 AM·2½ mins

The Hustle is Real

Sep 24, 12 AM·1½ mins

🎺 Our Pilot Creator Fund launches today!

Sep 21, 3 AM·1 min

Chris’s First Jam

Sep 16, 4 AM·1½ mins

🥁 Meet Jam's new co-founder

Sep 14, 4 AM·2 mins

Value props: Jam vs Playlist

Sep 10, 5 AM·1½ mins

Nicholas Thompson has a Jam!

Sep 2, 4 AM·2 mins

Frantic Friday Features (aka a couple of things that just shipped…)

Aug 27, 4 AM·1½ mins

A sneak preview... Jam’s Creator Fund

Aug 24, 3 AM·2½ mins

Back from vacation!

Aug 4, 4 AM·1½ mins

Creators on my mind...

Jul 12, 3 AM·1½ mins

Are the levels okay?

Jul 8, 3 AM·40 secs

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