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Classic and contemporary poems read by poets and actors, delivered every day.

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Let Me Explain

May 15, 5 PM·1½ mins

Five Poems about Poetry

May 14, 5 PM·3 mins

Minor Miracle

May 13, 5 PM·3 mins

The Funeral Sermon

May 12, 5 PM·2½ mins

Ode to the Gain

May 11, 5 PM·1 min

The Nineteenth Century as a Song

May 9, 5 PM·2 mins


May 8, 5 PM·2½ mins

Poet as Gambler

May 7, 5 PM·1½ mins

Baby Song of the Four Winds

May 6, 5 PM·60 secs

Myths of the Disappearance

May 5, 5 PM·1 min

prayer is better than sleep

May 4, 5 PM·2 mins

from Don't Let Me Be Lonely: “I don't usually talk to strangers...”

May 3, 5 PM·2 mins

Little Exercise

May 2, 5 PM·2 mins

A Little Closer to the Edge

May 1, 5 PM·1½ mins

Reading: An Elegy

Apr 30, 5 PM·1½ mins

On Behalf of Trees

Apr 29, 5 PM·2½ mins

Queen-Anne’s Lace

Apr 28, 5 PM·50 secs

Burial Practice

Apr 27, 5 PM·2 mins

Sparrow Trapped in the Airport

Apr 26, 5 PM·1½ mins

Be More Like Björk

Apr 25, 5 PM·1½ mins

For the Inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton, 1997

Apr 24, 5 PM·3 mins


Apr 23, 5 PM·1½ mins

Doña Josefina Counsels Doña Concepción Before Entering Sears

Apr 22, 5 PM·2 mins

Talk to Strangers

Apr 21, 5 PM·20 secs

Venus and the Ark

Apr 20, 5 PM·3½ mins

The Book of Mycah

Apr 19, 5 PM·5 mins

Held in the Arms of St. Francis & the Virgin

Apr 18, 5 PM·60 secs

Adam Waking

Apr 17, 5 PM·1½ mins

Scientific Method

Apr 16, 5 PM·4 mins

Wild Nights! Wild Nights!

Apr 15, 5 PM·30 secs


Apr 14, 5 PM·1 min

Three Poems

Apr 13, 5 PM·0 secs

Theories of the Soul

Apr 12, 5 PM·2 mins

Futility in Key West

Apr 11, 5 PM·1 min

Stone Canyon Nocturne

Apr 10, 5 PM·1 min

All my friends are homeless

Apr 9, 5 PM·50 secs


Apr 8, 5 PM·10 secs

On the Great Atlantic Rainway

Apr 7, 5 PM·2 mins

Massacre Song Foundation

Apr 6, 5 PM·1½ mins

Everything Good Between Men and Women

Apr 5, 5 PM·2 mins

The Demon

Apr 4, 5 PM·3 mins


Apr 3, 5 PM·50 secs

Floating Trees

Apr 2, 5 PM·2½ mins

Blues Alabama

Apr 1, 5 PM·0 secs

Women in Labor

Mar 31, 5 PM·1½ mins

Family Dollar

Mar 30, 5 PM·1½ mins

Big Snow

Mar 29, 5 PM·1½ mins

The Progress of the Soul

Mar 28, 5 PM·50 secs

Adult Acne

Mar 27, 5 PM·1 min

The Museum of Stones

Mar 26, 5 PM·3½ mins

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