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From details of the next-generation iPhone and MacBook to key indicators expected to drive the company’s stock price, AppleInsider Daily has you completely covered on a daily basis.

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05/16/2022: Ohio House introduces bill to criminalize AirTag stalking... and more news.

May 16, 10 AM·4 mins

05/13/2022: Apple circulating anti-union talking points to retail store managers... and more news

May 13, 10 AM·4 mins

05/12/2022: Apple touts benefits of privacy-preserving ad tech in pitch to advertisers... and more news

May 12, 10 AM·3½ mins

05/11/2022: Apple developers facing bug preventing them from distributing apps.. and more news

May 11, 10 AM·3½ mins

05/10/2022: Customer trapped in Apple & FedEx blame game over lost Apple Watch... and more news

May 10, 10 AM·5 mins

05/08/2022: Parent angry Apple didn't stop 10-year-old's $2,500 TikTok spree... and more news

May 9, 10 AM·4 mins

05/06/2022: European Union could enact, enforce major new antitrust rules by early 2023... and more news

May 6, 10 AM·4 mins

05/05/2022: A day after Foxconn accelerated hiring, COVID lockdown halts expansion... and more news

May 5, 10 AM·3 mins

05/04/2022: Apple's first retail store union will get an employee vote on June 2... and more news

May 4, 10 AM·3½ mins

05/02/2022: iPhone belonging to Spanish prime minister was hit with Pegasus spyware... and more news

May 3, 10 AM·4 mins

05/02/2022:Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration...and more news

May 2, 10 AM·5 mins

04/29/2022: Apple forecasts $4B to $8B revenue hit in Q3 because of Covid disruptions... and more news

Apr 29, 10 AM·4 mins

04/28/2022: Apple's iPhone repair tool kit that it rents is wheeled and weighs 79 pounds... and more news

Apr 28, 10 AM·5 mins

04/27/2022: Apple counters claims that privacy features were meant to boost its ad business... and more news

Apr 27, 10 AM·5 mins

04/26/2022: Apple hires labor-busting lawyers to fight employees' efforts to unionize... and more news

Apr 26, 10 AM·4 mins

04/25/2022: Apple warns developers it will pull apps without recent updates from the App Store... and more news

Apr 25, 10 AM·4 mins

4/22/22: Apple's iPhone 13 selling better than past lineups, with one exception...and more news

Apr 22, 10 AM·3½ mins

4/21/22: iPhone 14 could sport upgraded front cameras...and more news

Apr 21, 10 AM·3 mins

04/20/2022: AirPods looted by Russians giving away their location via Find My Device... and more news

Apr 20, 10 AM·5 mins

04/19/2022: New York Apple retail union organizers are asking for $30 an hour... and more news.

Apr 19, 10 AM·4 mins

4/18/2022: Workers at NYC Grand Central Apple Store start moving to unionize... and more news.

Apr 18, 10 AM·4 mins

04/15/2022: Questions surround how Elon Musk will buy Twitter and what he will do with it... and more news.

Apr 15, 10 AM·3½ mins

04/14/2022: Apple's privacy features will cost Facebook $12.8 billion in 2022... and more news

Apr 14, 10 AM·4 mins

04/13/2022: Meta to charge content creators almost 50% to sell VR content... and more news

Apr 13, 10 AM·4 mins

4/12/2022: Apple to face further charges in EU antitrust investigation... and more news

Apr 12, 10 AM·3½ mins

04/11/2022: Fans slam Apple TV+ 'Friday Night Baseball' stream outages, commentary team... and more news

Apr 11, 10 AM·4 mins

04/07/2022: Third-party apps often eclipse Apple's own on the App Store, study finds... and more news

Apr 8, 10 AM·4 mins

04/07/2022: Apple AirTag anti-stalking features aren't working in a lot of cases... and more news

Apr 7, 10 AM·4 mins

04/06/2022: WWDC 2022 is on June 6 through June 10... and more news

Apr 6, 10 AM·4 mins

04/05/2022: Hulu rolls out support for SharePlay on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV... and more news

Apr 5, 10 AM·4 mins

04/04/2022: Senator concerned by hackers stealing user data using police email accounts... and more news

Apr 4, 10 AM·4 mins

04/01/2022: Apple Maps now supports real-time road alerts from emergency vehicles... and more news

Apr 1, 10 AM·3½ mins

03/31/2022: Some Apple Health code may have been stolen by hacking group... and more news

Mar 31, 10 AM·3½ mins

03/30/2022: Hackers using cop emails to steal user data from Apple, Google & others... and more news

Mar 30, 10 AM·4 mins

03/29/2022: Apple faces escalating fines over Dutch dating app payments... and more news

Mar 29, 10 AM·5 mins

03/28/2022: Man arrested for tracking car by attaching Apple Watch to a wheel... and more news

Mar 28, 10 AM·4 mins

03/25/2022: Apple working on hardware subscription service for iPhone, other products... and more news

Mar 25, 10 AM·4 mins

03/24/2022: Arizona is first state to launch drivers' license in Apple Wallet... and more news

Mar 24, 10 AM·5 mins

03/23/2022: Ukraine's MacPaw releases SpyBuster, designed to beat Russian hacks... and more news

Mar 23, 10 AM·3½ mins

03/18/2022: macOS Monterey 12.3 reportedly bricking Macs with replacement logic boards... and more news.

Mar 18, 10 AM·5 mins

03/17/2022: Ethical hackers prove having a Mac doesn't make you immune to cyberattacks... and more news

Mar 17, 10 AM·5 mins

03/16/2022: Portion of Apple Park evacuated due to possible hazmat situation... and more news

Mar 16, 10 AM·3½ mins

03/15/2022: App Tracking Transparency aimed to solve a problem of Apple's creation... and more news

Mar 15, 10 AM·4 mins

03/14/2022: Russian agents threatened Apple and Google employees over protest vote apps... and more news

Mar 14, 10 AM·4 mins

03/11/2022: Russia considering 'nationalizing' Apple & others that left the country... and more news

Mar 11, 11 AM·3½ mins

03/10/2022: Mac Studio with M1 Ultra is heavier because of heat & material choices... and more news

Mar 10, 11 AM·3½ mins

03/09/2022: Apple teases new filmmaking tools coming to iMovie in April... asnd more news

Mar 9, 11 AM·5 mins

03/08/2022: 'Mac Studio' and new Apple display are 'ready to go' for Apple Event...and more news

Mar 8, 11 AM·3 mins

03/07/2022: Apple starts taking donations for UNICEF Ukraine effort... and more news

Mar 7, 11 AM·4 mins

03/03/2022: Apple Maps now shows Crimea as part of Ukraine... and more news

Mar 4, 11 AM·4 mins

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