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60-Second Science

weekly·4 mins


Quick reports and commentaries on the world of science from Scientific American

Episodes (51)

How Astronomers Finally Captured a Photo of our Own Galaxy's Black Hole

May 12, 2 PM·4 mins

Two-Headed Worms Tell Us Something Fascinating About Evolution

May 10, 2 PM·6 mins

The Harmful Effects of Overturning Roe v. Wade

May 6, 8 PM·6 mins

Safer Indoor Air, and People Want Masks on Planes and Trains: COVID Quickly, Episode 29

May 2, 10 PM·6 mins

Climate Change is Shrinking Animals, Especially Bird-Brained Birds

Apr 25, 2 PM·4 mins

Cosmic Simulation Shows How Dark Matter Deficient Galaxies Confront Goliath, and Survive

Apr 20, 1 PM·6 mins

The Benefits of Hybrid Immunity, and Venturing Back to the Office: COVID Quickly, Episode 28

Apr 15, 10 PM·7 mins

Science, Finally, Has a Good Idea About Why We Stutter

Apr 13, 3 PM·4 mins

Love Computers? Love History? Listen to This Podcast

Apr 12, 5 PM·0 secs

Probiotics Could Help Save Overheated Coral

Apr 8, 3 PM·6 mins

The History of the Milky Way Comes Into Focus

Apr 5, 2 PM·2½ mins

New Research Decodes the Sea Cow's Hidden Language

Mar 30, 3 PM·5 mins

Does This Look Like a Face to You?

Mar 25, 4 PM·4 mins

Some Good News About Corals and Climate Change

Mar 23, 8 PM·2½ mins

A Treasure Trove of Dinosaur Bones in Italy Rewrites the Local Prehistoric Record

Mar 11, 3 PM·6 mins

Chimps Apply Insects to their Wounds

Mar 8, 4 PM·2½ mins

The Push to Move Past the Pandemic: COVID Quickly, Episode 25

Mar 4, 7 PM·7 mins

How Hong Kong 'Sees' Invisible Tailpipe Emissions, and Pulls Polluters Off the Road

Feb 25, 4 PM·2½ mins

Tiger Sharks, Tracked Over Decades, Are Shifting Their Haunts With Ocean Warming

Jan 25, 4 PM·2½ mins

Salvador Dali's Creative Secret Is Backed by Science

Jan 3, 3 PM·3½ mins

Listen to This New Podcast: Lost Women of Science

Dec 21, 4 PM·5 mins

Canary Islands Eruption Resets Volcano Forecasts

Dec 20, 5 PM·2½ mins

Astronomers Spot Two Dust Bunnies Hiding in the Early Universe

Dec 8, 3 PM·2½ mins

Flocking Together May Have Helped Dinosaurs Dominate the Earth

Nov 12, 4 PM·2½ mins

Date of the Vikings' First Atlantic Crossing Revealed by Rays from Space

Oct 25, 2 PM·3 mins

COVID Quickly, Episode 16: Vaccines Protect Pregnancies, and a New Antiviral Pill

Oct 8, 3 PM·5 mins

Night Flights Are No Sweat for Tropical Bees

Oct 1, 2 PM·4 mins

These Bacteria Steal from Iron and Could Be Secretly Helping to Curb Climate Change

Sep 28, 2 PM·3½ mins

Dinosaurs Lived--and Made Little Dinos--in the Arctic

Sep 21, 3 PM·4 mins

During a Rodent Quadrathlon, Researchers Learn That Ground Squirrels Have Personalities

Sep 17, 3 PM·5 mins

A Car Crash Snaps the Daydreaming Mind into Focus

Sep 15, 2 PM·4 mins

In Missouri, a Human "Bee" Works to Better Understand Climate Change's Effects

Sep 8, 1 PM·3 mins

Flexible Microprocessor Could Enable an 'Internet of Everything'

Aug 24, 12 PM·4 mins

Astronomers Find an Unexpected Bumper Crop of Black Holes

Aug 12, 2 PM·4 mins

The Secret behind Songbirds' Magnetic Migratory Sense

Aug 4, 2 PM·3 mins

Moths Have an Acoustic Invisibility Cloak to Stay under Bats' Radar

Jul 21, 12 PM·3 mins

Your Brain Does Something Amazing between Bouts of Intense Learning

Jul 7, 12 PM·4 mins

For African Elephants, Pee Could Be a Potent Trail Marker

Jun 11, 1 PM·3 mins

Puppies Understand You Even at a Young Age, Most Adorable Study of the Year Confirms

Jun 3, 3 PM·4 mins

Bats on Helium Reveal an Innate Sense of the Speed of Sound

May 28, 11 AM·4 mins

The Dirty Secret behind Some of the World's Earliest Microscopes

May 26, 12 PM·3 mins

Who Laps Whom on the Walking Track--Tyrannosaurus rex or You? Science Has a New Answer

May 14, 3 PM·2½ mins

Artificial Light Keeps Mosquitoes Biting Late into the Night

May 11, 1 PM·4 mins

Lovebirds Adore Our Inefficient Air-Conditioning

Apr 27, 3 PM·4 mins

Bee Hives Are Held Together by Their Mutual Gut Microbes

Apr 20, 2 PM·2½ mins

These Endangered Birds Are Forgetting Their Songs

Apr 16, 12 PM·2 mins

Boston's Pigeons Coo 'Wicked,' New York's 'Fuhgeddaboudit'

Apr 5, 3 PM·4 mins

Using Dragonflies as Contamination Detectors

Mar 24, 12 PM·3 mins

Smartphones Can Hear the Shape of Your Door Keys

Mar 18, 12 PM·3½ mins

Chimpanzees Show Altruism While Gathering Around the Juice Fountain

Mar 16, 12 PM·5 mins

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